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13 October 2007

First Dyno Results

Back in July I got together with Mark at AutoSpeed to test their first attempt at software for the 2.0T FSI engine. We flashed the car, and did some preliminary logging using both VAG-COM and their own software, but they were in the process of moving their shop to a new location and we weren't able to actually dyno it and fine-tune the software. I didn't post anything about it online since everyone's first response would be to ask "where are the numbers?". Today, finally, I have some numbers.

Today was NGP Racing's Dyno Day/Open House. I was one of the early ones to dyno, which was good because the line got long pretty soon after my run.

I was going to get some more pictures + a video clip of the dyno run, but my batteries died.... At least I got a few:

No line when it was my turn, but it got busy later.

Cooling off before the run...

They were so happy I was there, one dude started breakdancing.

Getting the lead hooked up.

Strapped down.

Ready to roll!

The results:
Best Torque: 253.7 lbs-ft; Best Power: 201.5 HP (4th gear pulls, ~65 degF)

I also got to meet several of the Deldubs crew there. It was great hanging out with you guys, and finally putting faces to the screennames!

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