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25 November 2006

Crankcase Breather Supplemental Checkvalve

There are three items on the 2.0T FSI engine that will most likely fail: The Coils, the Diverter Valve, and the Crankcase Breather (or 'PCV') Valve. The breather valve tends to fail and allow boost pressure from the manifold to leak into the crankcase. Two effects of this are (a) reduced performance from the lost boost, and (b) oil being blown out around the oil filler cap. Plus, it's generally not healthy for the engine. Yes, this is what the breather valve is designed to prevent, but it's not reliably doing its job. A new revision of the stock valve (revision "G") has been released by Audi. It requires four new parts - the new PCV valve is dependent on another new pipe with an integrated checkvalve that the older part does not have:

06F 129 101 G (one checkvalve) or F (two checkvalves) New breather ('PCV') valve
06F 103 215 A New pipe with checkvalve
06F 103 483 E Gasket
06F 145 757 F Gasket

The part numbers listed above are the recommended Original Equipment solution.

I installed these parts, and the Eurojet PCV protecting checkvalve. Click here for the article.

Before these new parts were available, another means was devised to supplement the stock brather valve, and either protect for a non-failed valve or compensate for a failed one. The solution was originally posted by 'digitalhippie' on the VWVortex 2.0T FSI forum. He located a check valve that was heat- and solvent-resistant, and which had opening and holding pressures that would work for this application. Putting this checkvalve in the breather line would prevent backpressure from reaching the original breather valve and leaking past it. Several people who tried this solution reported failure of the checkvalve. This could be due to damage from applying too much clamping force on the valve instead of using tightly fitting hoses like I did, but there is no definitive answer as to what caused the valve failures.

This article is provided for historical information only. The current solutions are to use the upgraded parts listed above + a EuroJet checkvalve, or (better) one of the BSH solutions.

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