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16 October 2006

Data Logs - Stock Baseline

In technical discussions about the 2.0T FSI engine in various online forums, a few topics have been hotly discussed recently. These include the effects of software upgrades (from various vendors) on:

  • Ignition timing & correction factors

  • Air/Fuel ratio (AFR) - mixtures that may be much leaner than original

  • Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and the effects of high EGT on the turbo due to lean AFRs

  • Requested boost vs. actual boost (may reflect boost leaks from a failed diverter valve or crankcase breather valve)

...and of course with any power-related mod, what's the measurable gain?

Since I have not yet done any powertrain mods and the engine is well-broken-in with 20,425 miles, I decided that now would be a good time to take some baseline measurements that I can use to evaluate future mods. I met up with Jim who had been taking the same measurements on his own A3 (which has a software upgrade), and we used his VAG-COM to do the same logging on mine as a comparison.

The conditions were:
Fairly flat, straight, dry road. Full-throttle from about 2000 - 2200 RPM in 3rd gear until redline. A/C compressor off. Almost full tank of fuel, 93-E10, same type and grade as I've been using. 2 occupants. Temperature 7C (~45F), ambient pressure 1019.5 mbar. Two runs were conducted in opposite directions.

Click below for the gallery of graphs from both runs, plus a graph of the power measurement run we did earlier in the year:

2.0T FSI Baseline Engine Measurements

As I do powertrain mods, I can repeat the same runs and compare the results to this baseline.


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