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21 February 2011

It's Gone

From:     Saturday, 22 October 2005
To:         Monday, 21 February 2011

  • 1949 days

  • 5 years, 4 months

  • 168,393,600 seconds

  • 2,806,560 minutes

  • 46,776 hours

  • 278 weeks

It had to go. Partially because of the ever-increasing deferred maintenance that I knew I had to do and pay for soon, partially because I was burnt out on it.

It's gone. I will miss some things about it. Actually, many things about it.  Maybe someday I'll find another car to get excited about.  (Look farther down this post for an update 2.5 years later...)

Here are the final stats for every single fueling:

When I was about to drive off in my new car, I couldn't. I got out and went over to the A3. Walked around it, caressed it. I got in. Flashed the bi-xenon lamps. Foot on the modified Ultimate Pedals clutch, I shifted through all the gears remembering the night I installed the Forge Short Shift Kit. As I glanced up, I saw the lady sales manager was watching me out the dealership window, smiling. I got out of the A3, into my new car, and drove away.

Even dysfunctional relationships are hard to leave behind.

Thank you for all the visits to this blog, and for all the emails over the years. I'll leave it up as a resource for the A3 community as long as people are still reading it.




UPDATE:  August 2013

I replaced the A3 as described above in February 2011 with a Subaru.  Perfectly reliable and it met my needs at that time, but it definitely was not "me".  I got rid of it in August 2013, and replaced it with...

...a 2013 Volt.  It makes me happy. 


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