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15 July 2007

Tow-hook Cover Retention

I did this a while ago, but neglected to post it.

The rear tow-hook covers on the A3 tend to pop off randomly. Replacing them is expensive and a hassle since they come unpainted and have to be painted to match. It seems to happen more with the S-Line rear valence, but has been reported to happen with the standard valence as well. If only there was some way to keep it from getting lost....

Here's the panel I'm referring to. You press in at the bottom to pop it out of the bumper valence.

Here's the part number in case you need to order one (standard valence, not S-Line) 8P4 807 441:

Here's the panel open, and hey, what's this? Those holes are awfully convenient...

The universal fix-it part, a zip-tie, strategically applied...

One less thing to worry about. Just leave enough slack in the zip-tie to allow the panel to open and close normally.

Interestingly, the cover for the front one has an integrated retainer:


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