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03 July 2007

Cool again - Second New Compressor Installed

Friday I got the call that the new (again) compressor had arrived. We agreed that Monday would be the best time to come in, since they wouldn't do it 'til then anyway.

Dropped the car off Monday (one week after the most recent compressor failure) at about 10:15. No loaner, they gave me a ride. Got a call at 14:25 that it was done, they sent the shuttle to pick me up.

They claim to have flushed the system but it is NOT listed on the work order, neither is a part number for a flush kit.

They did NOT replace the receiver/dryer cartridge again as they should have.

The compressor has a note "Vendor Code is DENSO", part number is 1K0 820 859 E. At least this clarifies that it is in fact the latest model compressor. If it fails again, it can only be due to improper installation.

They did not replace the belt even though it had been stressed/smoked by the compressor breakage.

So far it is blowing colder than it did the last time I picked it up with the first 'new' compressor. I don't have any confidence in it, though.

They replaced the engine cover mounting peg that they broke the last time, but did NOT resolve the scratched bumper yet. Lastly, there was black grease handprints on the front bumper by the right foglamp. Yeah, I said 'do not wash', but that doesn't mean "don't clean up your grease stains from working".


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