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21 June 2007

The Saga Continues....

These are some updates that I did not post here already, so I'm just catching up after-the-fact.

11 June:

I called (they never called me) and was told that the A/C compressor had been installed, but did not solve the problem, and they are working by phone and email with the 'engineers' on the 'tech line' to 'figure it out'.

I'm dumbfounded.

WHAT PROBLEM?!? You mean the defective compressor problem wasn't solved by putting on a non-defective compressor?

I am SO pissed off.

Oh, oh, and get this..... as of November 2005 Audi apparently discontinued the practice of providing transportation during warranty repairs. Doesn't matter that I bought my car in October 2005, they changed the policy for everyone.

12 June:

Day 33. Today brought interesting new developments.

I finally got someone at the dealer to tell me the truth about what is going on now, and what the current delay is. First off, they claimed my A/C compressor didn't just 'fail', it was almost completely split in two. That explains why the 'smoke' cloud when the failure happened was so great - in addition to the friction-melted belt smoking, it was the R-134 escaping the system through the big gaping hole in the compressor. So they put the new compressor on, recharged the system, and now it doesn't cool at all. The Audi tech line told them to flush the whole system because something got into the system and is blocking refrigerant flow. Only thing is, nobody knows how to (or has the equipment to) do a full A/C flush. They called in outside A/C techs, no luck. Now they're saying the next step is to replace the WHOLE A/C SYSTEM - condenser, dryer, all lines, evaporator, expansion valve, including all parts behind the dash.

Yesterday I had said "...you WILL have a loaner for me by tomorrow...", and a loaner I now have. It's a B7 A4. While I was there picking up my loaner I had them bring my car inside out of the rain so I could get my EZPass (toll tag) and some other items that I had left in it. The left side fuse panel was removed and laying in the passenger seat, and an owner's manual (not mine) was open to the fuse diagram.... don't they have shop manuals for that? Furthermore, the right side of my hood was out of alignment where they had shut the hood on two plastic caps from the A/C hose that were laying inside the fender channel. Even though the A/C was set to 'LO', it was blowing *hot* air.

18 June:

Day 39. They're ordering an "A/C flush kit".

Someone has provided me with a copy of Audi TSB 87-07-02 ("87 07 02 Jan. 30, 2007, 2012682/2. Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 87 number 06-02 dated July 31, 2006 due to new replacement part and part number.") It states "Only 2006 and 2007 A3 models equipped with Zexel air conditioning compressors with the part number 1K0 820 803N are affected." I have no idea whether that represents all 2.0T cars built, only some of them, only A3s (not A4s, Passats, or GTI/GLI), or what. The TSB also states that the replacement compressors are Denso, not Zexel, which makes me feel better.

This totally shows how badly they dropped the ball: Page 2 step 4 states...
4. In both cases, always flush the refrigerant circuit according to the procedure in ElsaWeb - see Repair Manual
Refrigerant R 134a-Servicing

So, simply reading the instructions ahead of time would have clarified the need to flush it - no need to make me wait additional time while they figure out that they need a 'flush kit'. Also, step 3 states
Carefully inspect system for the presence of any metal debris.


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