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09 December 2005

Euro Rubber Floor Mats

Got my mats.

Some sort of all-weather mats are an absolute necessity. Carpet mats are magnets for grit, salt stains, etc., and can't be hosed off and put back in right away. I looked at all the options:
  • Hexomat, like my cargo liner
  • WeatherTech (had them in a previous car, liked them a lot)
  • Audi 'Monster' mats, which are similar to the WeatherTech design but have 'A3' printed on them
  • Audi Euro Rubber mats
WeatherTech mats were not available for the A3 at the time. The 'Monster' mats were too gaudy for me with the 'A3' logo. I like the Hexomats a lot. All of these choices had the same problem - they didn't reach far enough up under the driver's pedals, and didn't cover the wheel well on the passenger side. The Euro Rubber mats were the perfect solution in that regard, since they fully cover the passenger wheel well hump. They don't reach as far up under the pedals on the driver's side as I would like, but nothing else does either. Also, the Euro style mats had the fastening system to snap into place that the Hexomats did not.

I ordered them from AutoWebAccessories, which sells genuine accessories at a discount. They were backordered nationwide, but I got mine as soon as they were available in the country. They work great, and I highly recommend them.

One problem was that the snaps were so tight that they could have ripped the fastener out of the carpet. Scraping the inside of the snap on the mat with a knife made them snap on well, but not insanely tight. They give the interior a neat, sporty look. In the photos below they look like they contrast a lot with the carpet, but that's mostly due to the camera flash. In reality, the black mats are very subtle against the black carpet.

UPDATE - March 2008: After a little over 2 years with these mats, the driver's side mat has a worn spot from my right heel - it's actually worn almost all the way through. Although I still like the mats, I'm revising my recommendation slightly. First choice would be the LL-Tek mats (waterproof soft carpet-like material, dished to contain dirt), but they are expensive. Next choice, and most likely what I will get next, are the Hexomats that I originally considered and which I did get for my cargo liner.


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