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23 October 2005

Taking Delivery, and The Trip Back

From my posting on vwvortex.com:

Last Friday, my buyer flew in to Philadelphia, handed me a cheque, and drove off to Florida in my GTI. The next day I flew up to Rhode Island. Barry was at the airport, and with a quick cellphone call we met up with no delay at all. We went to the dealership and my A3 was parked right out front. After a short wait for some other customers to finish up with Pam, she had all of my paperwork ready. No hard sell on anything, no hassles, and I was ready to leave less than two hours after landing at the airport. About 6 hours later I was back in Delaware, thoroughly happy with my A3. Love the sport seats. The 4 doors are awesome. The single-frame grill looks cool. I had 'bought' the car while it was still in the port, so the sticker was still fresh and never even applied to the car.

Now, the one thing that I'm less than happy with.... I had specified that I wanted the all-season rather then the summer-only performance tyres. When I arrived to pick it up, I found it the other way around. I was kind of OK with this when I picked it up, but then found that I'll need the all-seasons to keep legal in winter weather. Having to buy $500+ worth of new rubber right away makes me less than happy, particularly since this was supposed to have been a no-cost choice from Audi. I have no recourse now, though, I guess.

On the other hand..... When I got in the car at the dealer, I noticed the DRL switch on the headlamp switch. That kind of registered as signifying something, but... Later, as it got dark on the way home, I flipped on the high beams and thought "wow, that's an awfully crisp switch between low/high". Also, the highs were the same colour temperature as the lows. I pulled over and hopped out to check.... OMG! OMG! OMG! I've got bi-xenons!!!!!!! I checked the sticker, it lists xenon headlamps for $500, no mention of bi-xenons for $750 anywhere! It's definitely bi-xenon. The inner lights are the DRLs, the xenon unit switches from low/high by a mechanical shutter movement, and the xenons are defintely impressive with their strobe-like 'flash-to-pass'.

Here's how I first saw it when Barry pulled up to the dealer after picking me up from the airport a few minutes earlier. This will be the only photo of it with the '2.0T' badge on the back. I 'debadged' it when I stopped at a rest area a couple of hours later, but left the 'A3' on the left side (for now).

This is where I stopped to take a break, and take some photos. I had brought a small bottle of cleaner/wax and a cloth with me, and in a few seconds the '2.0T' badge was gone.


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