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21 October 2005

The GTI Gets A New Home

After the first 'buyer' screwed me by refusing to follow through with the transaction, I re-listed the GTI and again had inquiries within a few hours. One was from someone who had seen it the first time it was listed. After a phone call he was convinced and clicked 'Buy-It-Now' . This guy and his son (who the car was actually for) turned out to be really great people, and I was happy that it went to them instead of the prior person who had backed out on buying. They were from Tampa, FL, and (working around the impending hurricane) we arranged for them to fly in on that Friday afternoon. I met them at the airport, they handed me a cheque, and we headed south. We went by the Delaware DMV where I took care of some personal paperwork and they got a temporary tag for the car, then they dropped me off at the house and continued on their long drive home.

They seemed to be very happy with the deal, and I was happy that it was going to a good home. Here are the last pictures before it goes to its new life:

First drive for the new owner!

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